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There are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.
— Diane Arbus

My name is Amanda F. Mausner and I am a personal branding photographer and sociologist based in Chicago, IL. 

I take beautiful photographs for entrepreneurs, small businesses, busy professionals, and people just like you. Plain and simple. If that doesn't do it for you I also:

  • Cry during commercials. If you want to capture emotion, trust me, I'm a pro.
  • Obsess over details. Perfection is an art form in and of itself.
  • Have a pretty good sense of humor. Life cannot be taken too seriously.      
  • Use my right and left brain equally. I refer to myself as a Creative Entrepreneur.
  • Believe in coffee, yet never finish my cup. I call it art. My partner calls it excuse for not putting my cup in the dishwasher. 

After nearly eight years "in the biz" in sales, marketing, and consulting, I've decided to pick up a camera and become an entrepreneur. Amanda's Aperture is an expression of my creativity, authenticity, and innate understanding of people. And, of course, my technical skills too. My style is a mix of artsy, journalistic, authenticity, and fun. 

I love love to photograph people, interesting places, and businesses - but I also dedicate time to shooting projects that illuminate social issues and societal norms. Social impact projects have always been essential to me and my work represents a perfect balance between art and social observation. Photography is now my platform to reach the masses through storytelling and observations of society. 

I've been in Chicago for over five years and I know this city like the back of my hand. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for undergrad and the University of Chicago for graduate school. I was raised on the east coast, I love to travel, and I am also an online personal development coach. 

Thanks for checking me out and if you'd like to connect, shoot me a message through my site!