Lifestyle Photography


A few months ago I had a project for a restaurant at Chicago O'hare's airport. What set out to be a photoshoot for marketing and social media, ended up also being a fun photo project I am experimenting with called Addiction. 

I know you may think using the word addiction is harsh but I believe that we are all experiencing a form of addiction to technology and our phones. 

When I returned from my photoshoot I realized I had taken so many unintentional photos of people with their phones - it wasn't hard to do, it simply just happened. After scrolling through a few thousand raw photos, I knew I had another photo project coming. 

I am an addict myself, and this is a reminder to me [and hopefully you] to take a deep breath and walk away once in a while. On the streets of Chicago, in NYC, and San Francisco, I have captured us humans in our addiction, almost without even trying. This is just a reminder to look up once in a while [and to not text while crossing the street]. 

This type of addiction does not discriminate - it knows no age, race, sex, or religious barrier - it's inundated all of us. Maybe it's one of our biggest enemies.