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Aperture /ˈapərˌCHər,ˈapərˌCHo͝or/ *A space through which light passes in an optical or photographic instrument, especially the variable opening by which light enters a camera

Are You In Control?

I have been talking about evolving and staying present - how’s that going for you? I know it's not easy, life gets busy, and the crazy political and social environment is a huge distraction from focusing within. I find myself watching the news and being on social media more and more just to pay attention to what happens everyday. It's easy to get outside of your body, grow frustrated, and/or stay bottled up with a feeling of hopelessness. 

Yet - In 2017 I decided to focus on internal work. It's been a constant battle between fighting the external fight and managing the internal one. I am making progress but I am in no way perfect. I have to remind myself each day of what I am working on. A month ago I wrote a list (very cheesy!) and hung it on my bathroom mirror and in my bedroom. Laugh all you want...but it reminds me each day of my goals and lifelong work. 

What’s on your list? What are you striving for each day? Think of 3-5 things that you could do more of. Or things that you could do less of. Write the list. Hang it up on your wall. Poof. Now you have constant reminders to stay present and in control.  

Don’t let the external craziness distract you from your internal work. We cannot control many things right now but the one thing we can control is - you guessed it - ourselves. 

See you soon,