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Aperture /ˈapərˌCHər,ˈapərˌCHo͝or/ *A space through which light passes in an optical or photographic instrument, especially the variable opening by which light enters a camera

How to be Seen

So you have a rockstar business now - or, you are on your way to building one, or you haven't started yet, but you know one thing, you have an important message to tell the world. Are you getting your message out there? Are you seen to your ideal clients and audience? 

Trailblazers deserve to be seen. Disruptors need to be heard. Pioneers need to shine. But if no one can see or hear you, how will you make an impact? 

I have always hated pictures of myself and posting pictures of myself online (still do) - I am very private and somewhat introverted, but I was also lacking the self-esteem that allowed me to want to be seen to the world. I would crumble at the thought of being visible. I am usually also planning my exit strategy in social situations. 

Ironically I started a branding photography business that encompasses teaching, coaching, and other impactful things that help others be seen. All I had to do is stand behind the camera and shoot other people, right? 

Wrong! In order to be visible to my audience and attract my tribe of people that want to hire me, I need to reveal elements of myself that make me, me - which also include photos of myself!

Anyone can take photos, or post photos - so being visible is more than sharing photos. It's revealing aspects of yourself that enable connection, that allow people to bond to your experiences and ultimately want to hire you. 

I somehow forced my partner to take portraits of me and he turned out to be a great photographer! ;) 

I somehow forced my partner to take portraits of me and he turned out to be a great photographer! ;) 

How to Be Seen: Some Helpful Tips

Step 1 - Start your biz, blog, project, clandestine operation. You can do this! What lights you up? Share it with the world! 

Step 2 - Grow your biz - create online content to speak to your peeps! Start small - find your voice - and your asethetic.

Step 3 - Continue to jump into your fears - Entrepreneurship involves consistent ups and downs - doubts, highs, lows, and it's also a highly spiritual, emotional, and mental journey with yourself. Learn to not.give.a.fuck. It's your life after all - not a fu*king performance that needs to be critiqued. Do you! People will love you for it. 

Step 4 - Create authentic images of yourself and your business - Everything you put online is your business card - who is your audience? who are you? Let's see your beautiful face - no selfies here! Hire a great personal branding photographer who "gets" you. Using content that feels right and expresses who you are will not only attract your audience, it will make you feel AMAZING! 

Step 5 - Grow your audience by being you, attract your peeps, and connect more deeply with your tribe. Put out content that is vulnerable and open. Who are you? Why do you do what you do? Cut beneath the surface. Okay you love to travel, but why? What can you share that will connect to people and be valuable for them?  

Fuck Yeah!

Fuck Yeah!


As a business owner, everyday is a battle between all of the things that you need to do. Respond to emails. Make sales calls. Blog. Take photos. Edit photos. Research xyz. Breathe. Eat. Work on my second business. Argh. 

It's overwhelming. But sometimes you just need to jump into it, put yourself out there, and be seen. Someone out there will connect with what you are doing - and those that don't, weren't your people anyways.