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The Origin of the Sixty6

I have always thought that urban public transportation is the most accurate snapshot of diversity. People from every walk of life - CEOs, the homeless, every color and creed, sexuality, economic status, and religion - ride the bus or train at some point in time.  

Urban public transportation is, quite simply, a microcosm of our American ideal - the "melting pot."

The 66 refers to a bus that I ride almost every day to and from work.  It runs east and west through Chicago. Not surprising (as in so many other cities), as you ride from one direction to the other, life outside the windows becomes starkly different.  

Chicago is a leading example of racial and economic segregation, and depending on whom you ask, the story of "life in Chicago" takes on highly contrasted meanings.  There is no easier way to visualize social inequality than to get on the bus - and stay on. 


Take the 66 from Michigan to Austin Ave.  Block-by-block we see the transformation of a city: the demographic changes color; litter blankets the streets; grocery stores are more sparse; kids line the corners - the entrepreneurs of their own world.  The 66 represents the drastic extremes that citizens can experience in America, the starkness of inequality, and the artificial dichotomies and factions that cripple our social and economic progress as human beings.   

The 66 could also be in any city in America, which is why I chose this as the name for my photography business.  The 66 bus has inspired me to pick up a camera and run with my desire to capture important moments or societal patterns that may be overlooked.  Telling stories about society is my passion and I will also use my love of photography to shoot people and businesses. 

Thanks for checking me out! 

Amanda Mausner