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Division Street

A spin off to my original project, The Sixty6, Division Street also explores similar socioeconomic and ethnic/racial issues in Chicago.  Chicago faces distinct social issues stemming from historical and present day residential and social segregation, housing laws, institutional racism, gangs, poverty, just to name a few. 

As a resident of a "transitional" and gentrifying neighborhood and a student & teacher of sociology, is it fascinating to document the changes and distinctions as you move east or west on Division Street. 

Interestingly enough, the name of the street is actually named Division Street, which could not better describe the social and economic status of the area. The sharp divide becomes more obvious as you move through Humboldt Park, a vibrant Puerto Rican neighborhood. East of Humboldt is bohemian hipster paradise Wicker Park, followed by Old Town & the Gold Coast (named pretty perfectly as well). 

Although income and racial inequality may divide us, we all share a common thread in that we are Chicagoans. As one of the last white women to get off the bus as it continues further West, I understand these subtleties and want to share them with the world. This community is holding onto strong culture as it faces further marginalization. There is one truth that can be said: this area is constantly changing.